• 26 October 2017
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    Вставьте правильный вариант :
    1. I haven't had lunch ... .
    a) already b)yet c) yesterday

    2. Workers ... know Italian.
    a) have to c) mustn't b) don't have to

    3. The raincoat looks ... .
    a) nice b) nicely c) well

    4. I have ... opened the window.
    a) just b) yet c) yesterday

    5. I ... the window a minute ago
    a) open c) opened b) have opened

    6. She had potato salad for lunch, ... .
    a) hadn't she c) did she b) didn't she

    7. She had to buy some potatoes, ... .
    c) did she a) hadn't she b) didn't she

    8. I have never seen such ... beautiful picture!
    a) – b) the c) a

    9. We have got a lot of food. We ... go shopping today.
    c) mustn't a) have to b) don't have to

    10. She ... buy two tickets yesterday. b) had to
    c) has to a) must

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    • Ответ оставил: Leraps1
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