• 26 October 2017
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    IV. Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Simple.

    Agatha Christie … (write) over thirty novels.

    After they heard the noise, the men … (hide) behind some trees.

    … (you /feel) that gust of wind?

    Hercule Poirot … (be) a Belgian detective.

    He … (stop) talking when I entered the room.

    I … (lose) my wallet on the bus.

    … Brian (win) the competition? - No, he … .

    The professor and Axel … (find) a mysterious message. 3. Choose the correct item.

    1. Larry got a job after / until he finishes school.

    2. First he had dinner, then/ when he listened to the radio.

    3. When/After I was younger, I used to write stories.

    4. Suddenly/As soon as the rain stops, let’s go for a walk.

    5. We played in the park until/then it got dark.

    4. Write negative and interrogative sentences.

    Sherlock Holmes smoked a pipe.

    (-) _____________________________________

    (?) _____________________________________

    Hercule Poirot caught a lot of criminals.

    (-) _____________________________________

    (?) _____________________________________

    • Ответ оставил: Leraps1
    1. wrote 2. hid 3. Did you feel...?4. was 5. stopped 6. lost 7. Did Brian win the competition? No, he didn't. 8. found.1.after 2. then 3. When 4. As soon as 5. until1....
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