• 26 October 2017
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    Помогите пожалуйста. Put the words in the correct order to make questions. then answer the questions. 1.Russia/do/celebrate/we/When/in/Christmas.2.we/can/TV/a/watch/military/When/parade/on.3.there/Are/on/fireworks/the/Knowledge/of/Day.4.do/What/leave/children/for/the/in/FatherChristmas/kitchen.5.ever/have/a/you/card/got/Valentines.6.you/did/How/last/celebrate/your/birthday/year

    • Ответ оставил: Leraps1
    1. When do we celebrate Christmas in Russia?2.When can we watch a military parade on TV?3.Are there fireworks on the Day of Knowledge?4.What do the FatherChristmas lea...
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