• 26 October 2017
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    Goodbye,summer! I think my summer holidays were wonderful this year.I had a lot of fun.In June my family and i went to the Black Sea.We stayed three weeks
    at a hotel in Sochi.The weather was hot and sunny,and we went to the beach every day.We swam a lot and stayed in the sun.My father taught me to boat,and we often went boating and fishing early in the morning.In July we came back to Moscow.My parents began working and I made a trip to St.petersburg to visit my grandfather who lives there.My sister Lena went to Yaroslavl to stay with our cousin Marina.Lena and I to some interesting places in and near Moscow.We were in the Kremlin museums,the pushkin Museums and in Archangelskoe.We were going to go to Vladimir too but couldnt.The weather was terrible that day,it rained and it was very windy and cold.In the middle of August Lena and I went to London ti visit the Barkers and we had a wonderful time there.Now I am back at school and happy to see my friends again.In simmer I made a lot of pictures.I am going to send some to London,my friends John Barker

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    1. When did you go to the Black Sea?2. Did you enjoy your holidays?3. Where were you during your summer holidays?4. When did you come back to Moscow?5. Why didn't you ...
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