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    Read the story below. For gaps 10-17 choose the correct answer A-D

    Work Unpaid

    Stetson was the richest man (10) ___ town. He had made his money in the oil business and (11)___ he was living on his own, he never gave money to charity. This is probably why everybody hated him.

    One day he decided (12) ___ a new house built in the most fashionable part of town with a fireplace in his large living room. When the mason had finished working on the fireplace, he asked Mr. Stetson (13) ___ the money he was owed. 'I'm afraid I can't pay you today. You see, I don't have the exact money,' Mr. Stetson said. 'No problem, but please don't use the fireplace (14)___ you've paid me,' went the answer. The client agreed unwillingly.

    Four hours later the wealthy man phoned the workman, shouting, 'My house is (15) ___ smoke!' 'I told you not to use the fireplace yet,' the mason replied. A little later he arrived (16) ___ Mr. Stetson's house and received his money. He immediately took a ladder, went up to the roof and took out his heaviest hammer. He simply (17) ___ it drop into the chimney breaking the pane of glass he had build into it.

    10 A at B in C for D by

    11 A even B until C although D where

    12 A to have B having C to do D doing

    13 A - B to C from D for

    14 A until B when C because D while

    15 A filled of B full of C filled D full

    16 A - B by C to D at

    17 A let B hit C did D looked

    • Ответ оставил: Leraps1
    10b, 11c 12a 13d 14a 15b 16d 17a
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