• 25 October 2017
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    Выполните быстро, пожалуйста.
    Choose the correct adjective.

    He was (embarrassed / embarrassing) when he arrived late for class.
    There is a new movie playing at the theater. Are you (interested / interesting)?
    My little brother makes too much noise. He is (annoyed / annoying).
    Moving to a new home is hard work. It’s (tired / tiring).
    The sad news made me (depressed / depressing).
    Louise got a B+. She was (satisfied / satisfying) with her test results.
    Our company isn’t making any money. It’s very (worried / worrying).
    Robert thinks that roller coasters are (terrified / terrifying).
    I think that insects are (fascinated / fascinating). I love to study them!
    When the TV program was cancelled, Kelly was (disappointed / disappointing).

    • Ответ оставил: Leraps1
    EmbarrassedInterestedAnnoyingTiringDepressedSatisfiedWorryingTerrifyingFascinatingDisappointed P.S. Понравился ответ? Отметь его лучшим
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