• 23 October 2017
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    2a. Choose the correct word.
    Look! These are my cousins. They names are Bob and Harry. Bob is twelve and Harry is eight. They are funny. They have got short red hair and brown eyes. Bob is a good swim¬mer. Harry can draw very well. My cousins’ mum is a singer and their dad is a writer. He has got a lot of books. I visit my cousins in Sundays. We ride your bikes in the park.
    2b. Answer the questions.
    1. Are Bob and Harry brothers?
    2. Have they got brown hair?
    3. Is Harry twelve?
    4. Can Bob swim very well?
    5. Can their mum sing very well?
    6. Is their dad a teacher?
    7. Have they got bikes?

    • Ответ оставил: Leraps1
    2b1.Yes, they are.2.No, they haven't.3.No, he isn't.4.Yes, he can.5. Yes, she can.6. No, he isn't7.Yes, they have.
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