• 23 October 2017
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    Complete the sentences with the rught forms of the words in brackets.
    1)In (she) album "A Girl Like Me" the singer wanted to say what a lot of young (woman)
    would like to say but don't know how to express
    2) During the course of the (eighteen)
    century an
    James Cook. completed not one, but three trips
    around the world. The (one)
    trip uncovered the East coast of Australia and placed the New Zealand Islands firmly on the map.
    3) Father. Look.I told you before,I'm not going to buy you
    a set of drums. It's useless to ask
    (I) for (they)
    Son. But Dad. I promise I'll only play (they)
    while you're sleeping. (joke)
    4) You call that music? I suppose this phrase has been uttered
    from parents to (child)
    since the beginning of time..
    5) The little boy's behaviour is at Its (bad)
    he's with strangers.
    6) You will learn to speak English (good) as you
    grow (old).

    • Ответ оставил: Leraps1
    1. Her, women, themselves 2. Eighteens , first3.me, them, them4. Children 6. Better, older
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