• 22 October 2017
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    The Sun and the Wind once had a quarrel as to which was the (25)____(strong). Each believed (26)___(he) to be the (27)____(powerful). While they (28)_____(argue) they (29)___(see) a traveller (30)____(walk) along the country highway, wearing a big cloak. “Here is a chance to test our strength,” (31)____(say0 the Wind; “Let us see which of us is strong enough to make that traveler take off his cloak.” “Agreed,” answered the Sun. the Wind (32)_____(begin) to blow and raised a storm of hail and rain. But the (33)____(cold) it grow and the more it stormed, the tighter the traveler held his cloak around him. Now it (34)____(be) the Sun’s turn. He shone with all his beams on the man’s shoulders. As it (35)____(become) (36)____(hot) and (37)____(hot), the man unfastened his cloak; then he (38)____(take) it off! The Sun (39)____(win).

    • Ответ оставил: Leraps1
    25. the strongest .26. him27. most powerful 28. were arguing 29. saw30. walking 31. said 32. began 33. colder 34. was 35. was becoming36. hotter 37. hotter 38. took 39...
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