• 22 October 2017
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    Прошу помогите написать 3 предложения. дам 25 баллов!!!!
    read the conversation and answer the question: why are alice and the boys going to tunbrige wells? write two or three sentences.

    at Charing cross
    misha: bye, slice. have fun in England!
    alice: and what are you going to do, boys?
    robin: oh, we can go home now.
    alice: tell me the truth! you don't live in London, do you?
    robin: no, we don't.
    alice: and you have no money.
    misha: that's also true,
    alice: let's go to Tunbridge Wells together. my friends are very nice people. they can help you.
    robin: thanks, alice. that's a really good idea!

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    Why are alice and the boys going to Tunbrige Wells?I think,that Alice, Misha and Robin are going to Tunbrige Wells,because the boys did not live in London, and they al...
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