• 22 October 2017
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    Поставить глаголы из скобок в Past Simple или Present Simple,Past Continuous или Present Continuous.
    1. Where you (to be) yesterday?I (to be) at
    home the whole day. How strange. I (to ring) you
    up at two o'clock, but nobody (to answer). Oh,
    I (to be) in the garden. I (to read) your book and (not
    to hear) the telephone. 2. What you (to do) at five
    o'clock yesterday? I (to work) in the library
    I (to be) there, too, but I (not to see) you. 3. Nina (to
    celebrate) her birthday yesterday. Her room looked
    beautiful, there (to be) many flowers in it. When I (to
    come) in, somebody (to play) the piano, two or three
    pairs (to dance). 4. Listen! Somebody (to play) the pi-
    ano. 5. I (to like) music very much. 6. When I (to look)
    out of the window, it (to rain) heavily and people (to
    hurry) along the streets. 7. What you (to do) at seven
    o'clock yesterday?I(to have) supper. 8. When I (to
    come) home yesterday, I (to see) that all my family (to
    sit) round the table. Father (to read) a letter from my
    uncle, who (to live) in Kiev. 9. Yesterday I (to work) at
    my English from five till seven. 10. It (to rain) the whole
    day yesterday. 11. Where your sister (to be) now? She
    (to be) in her room. She (to do) her homework. 12. He
    (to brush) his teeth at the moment. He (to clean) them
    thoroughly morning and night. 13. Don't disturb her
    while she (to sleep). 14. You (to talk) nonsense. You
    never (to talk) sense. 15. My mother (to sit) in the surn
    light now and I (to set) the table.

    • Ответ оставил: Leraps1
    1.Where were you yesterday ? - I was at home the whole day.-How strange , I rang you up at two o'clock , but nobody  answered.-Oh, I was in the garden . I was reading ...
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