• 22 October 2017
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    Task 12. Put in there or it.
    a. Mum: _____ is a good programme on TV tonight. _____ is about computers.
    Dad: I’m not interested in computers. Is _____ a long programme?
    Mum: No, only half an hour. Why?
    Dad: Because _____’s another programme I want to watch at 9.30.
    b. Juan: Excuse me. Is _____ a bank near here?
    Mark: Yes, _____’s one on the corner of Broad Street.
    Juan: Is _____ open at lunchtime?
    Mark: Yes, I think so.
    c. Jane: (standing outside a restaurant) This is the new Mexican restaurant.
    Mary: Is _____ expensive?
    Jane: No, I don’t think so. Look, _____’s an empty table. Let’s go in.
    d. Dave: Mum, _____ isn’t any soap in the bathroom.
    Mum: Yes, _____ is. _____’s a new packet on the shelf.
    Dave: I can’t see _____.
    Mum: _____’s next to the shampoo.
    e. 1. ___’s a cat in your bedroom. 2. ___’s hard to understand him. 3. ___’s cold
    tonight. 4. ___’s ice on the roads. 5. ___’s nice to see you. 6. ___’s somebody
    on the phone for you. 7. ___’s a problem with the TV. 8. ___’s too late to go
    out. 9. ___’s a funny smell in the kitchen. 10. “What’s that noise?” “___’s the

    • Ответ оставил: Leraps1
    A) thereItItThereb) there ThereItc) itThered) thereThereThereItIte) 1 there2 it3 it4 there5 it6 it7 there8 it9 there10 it
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