• 19 October 2017
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    1.yesterday 2yet 3every weekend 4in two days 5 always 6ago 7recently 8 now 9at the moment Помогите к какому предложению относится эти слова1.They missed their chance____ 2.I have found many new friends_____. 3.Why are you wasting time_____? 4.My friends will take part in ecological expedition______. 5.Have you won the prize______? 6.She______feels happy. 7.They didn't enjoy the party three day___. 8.My parents have a picnic___.9.who are you talking with___

    • Ответ оставил: Leraps1
    1) They missed their chance yesterday. 2) I have found many new friends recently. 3) Why are you wasting time now. 4) My friends will take part in ecological expedi...
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