• 19 October 2017
    • Математика
    • Автор: Alenaborushko

    Раскройте скобки. ПОЖАЛУЙСТА.
    Kyle____(be) a very good student. He____(study) every day.
    We____(learn) a lot of new things at school every day.
    I_____(not get up) early on Sundays.
    My sister____(not walk) to school-she____(take) the bus.
    We____(not visit) our grandfather every weekend.
    Will`s lessons____(finish) at 3.30 p.m.
    Jenny and Sam____(not like) their new teacher.
    Jill___(go) to the town centre on Saturday mornings.

    • Ответ оставил: Leraps1
    1)is2)studies3)learn4)dont get up5)doesn't walk6)takes7)don't visit8)will finish9)don't like10)goes
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