• 19 October 2017
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    Помогите задать вопрос по английски.
    1. English is the maim language of the worold
    2. Nowadays 750 million people all over the worold use english and half of those speak it as a mother tangun
    3.english has a vocablerale (словарь короче) of abaut 500000 worlds
    4.it has become the language of the planet the first truly global lnguage
    5.thrre quarters of the worold's mail and its telexsis and telegrammes are in english
    6.More than half of the worlds scientific periodicals and eiaghty per cent (80 %) of the information in the world's computers are also in english.
    7.English is the main language of business it is the language of sport the offical language of the olympics
    8. english is conestly chaging.
    9.Some wordls die, some changer thier meanings and an the time new wolds appear in the language

    • Ответ оставил: Leraps1
    1) What is the main language of the world?2) How Nowadays people all over the world use English and half of those speak it as a mother tangum.3) How English has a voca...
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