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    • 24 October 2017
    • Автор: Leraps1

    1. My favorite movie is called the Twilight, it is based on a book by Stephenie Meyer
    2. The director of this movie is Catherine Hardwicke, I think she did a great job filming this movie because I was intimidated by this atmosphere
    3. The movie came out in 2008 but I only watched it a few years ago after reading the book
    4. I instantly fell inlove with the film as well as the actors that expressed their feelings brilliantly
    5. I've often thought about this movie and how much it impacted me growing up
    6. After the first time I've watched it with my friends and every time I discover something new and interesting about this film
    7. Now I am a huge fan of it and own a couple of tshirts with the main characters
    8. Often people at school or somewhere else ask me about my shirts and where I buy them, and I discover that they are also fans of Twilight
    9. This is how I've made many friends and we still speak about different things including Twilight
    10. This is my favorite movie and I would love to meet the director of this movie and get an autograph

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