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    • 24 October 2017
    • Автор: Leraps1

    1. I've cooked a very big meal.
    2. have you ever cooked this dish before?
    3. I've cooked it many times.
    4. I haven't seen it before
    5. When did you learn how to cook it?
    6. Someone taught me when
    7. I was in Sweden.
    8. Oh,when did you live in Sweden?
    9. I have been living there from 2003 to 2006.
    10. I had a job there.
    11. Have you ever lived in any other countries?
    12. Yes , I had jobs in various parts of the world.
    13. I worked in Brazil last year.
    14. Did you enjoy that?
    15. Yes, I had a great time.
    16. I made lots of friends.
    17. I enjoyed my time there.
    18. Anyway, I have finished the cooking now. Let's eat.

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